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Führer Gaigrer nice inv.
no one on here will ever donate 1 dollar +
dex donate me m8
i laughing because this site is shit man ;)
It aint shit, u are just stupid if u think u can win if u snperozario74 v2 :D
anyone wnat free souvenir G3SG1 polar camo WW hit me up
impulse except u
why me
i guess me lol
badluck :^)
add me
u tried to snipe 50$ with 540$rozario74 v2 thats retarded mate
very bad luck I have
Recent Winners
Führer Gaigrer
won round #138583 with 53 items, had a winning chance of 15% and made $ 569.12 of profit.
+ 44 more..
won round #138582 with 82 items, had a winning chance of 2% and made $ 469.01 of profit.
+ 73 more..
won round #138581 with 54 items, had a winning chance of 9% and made $ 75.95 of profit.
+ 45 more..
won round #138580 with 36 items, had a winning chance of 31% and made $ 150.91 of profit.
+ 27 more..
Little Inferno
won round #138579 with 40 items, had a winning chance of 5% and made $ 313.81 of profit.
+ 31 more..